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Hello everybody! One of my best friends, Lapis, just created a fun roleplay studio that takes place in the Barn, from Steven Universe! It would really mean a lot to me (and her) if you would at least check it out!

Until next time, see ya!
This takes place in-between Earthlings and Raising the Barn. If you haven't seen those episodes, I suggest you do before reading this.

It was midnight, a few days after the whole Ruby ordeal. Lapis laid in her hammock, watching Camp Pining Hearts. Surprisingly enough, watching the entire show again wasn't that exciting after a few hundred times. She sadly sighed, grabbing the TV remote and turning the television off. Her thoughts started to wander. One thing kept popping up. Jasper. Her eyes started to become teary. "Come on Lapis, stop being such a crybaby!" she scolded herself. But it was too late. She was already crying. She quietly sobbed, hoping nobody would enter. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on her side that night. "L-Lapis!" Peridot called out as she ran to comfort her friend. Lapis firmly replied with "Nothing." "Lapis, you can tell m-" Peridot started to tell her, but Lapis quickly interrupted her, yelling out "I SAID NOTHING, ALRIGHT!?" as she got up from her hammock. Peridot backed away a few steps. Lapis, realizing what she done, covered her mouth. "I'm sorry... It's just... I've been thinking about..." Lapis looked away before she could finish her sentence. Silence. "Oh no... WHAT DID I DO!? IS SHE MAD AT ME!?" Lapis started to panic in her mind when suddenly, Peridot hugged her. "It's ok... she's poofed and bubbled now... Besides, you have Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Steven, and me to protect you..." she reminded Lapis in a comforting voice. Lapis wasn't expecting the hug at all. Her cheeks turned blue as she confessed Peridot, "I love you..." "I love you too, Lapis" The two started to lean towards each other when suddenly Steven opened the barn door. "You guys alright?" Steven asked as he rubbed his eyes, "I heard some yelling..." Lapis and Peridot stared at him in surprise, their faces covered in blush. "Y-Yeah, we're fine!" Lapis quickly told Steven. "Ok... Good night." Steven waved bye to the two and walked back to the temple, unaware of what was happening. Lapis and Peridot looked at each other. "Let's just go to sleep for now." Lapis said to Peridot, only now realizing how late it was. Peridot nodded in agreement. The two laid in the hammock and drifted off to sleep, side by side. For the first time in a while, Lapis didn't feel so blue.

That was my first oneshot! Sorry that it was a bit short and didn't really have anything romantic... If you have any constructive criticism, please tell me. I would really appreciate it! Remember that hate IS NOT criticism. Also, I may take requests. Just really depends on my mood. Until next time, see ya later!


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*insert random name here*
United States
Sup? I'm a random roleplayer on the internet. Not much else to say about me, so I might as well pass the mic over to... the Three...

David: 'Ello! I'm David! I'm the leader of our trio. I'm also a fictional version of the creator of this account! You probably want to know some more about me. Well, I am a member of a group called the Reality Warpers. We go from dimension to dimension, fixing things that have gone wrong, while capturing universe-hopping baddies! There's not much else about me you need to know, so onto the next person!

Undershift! (US!) Frisk: hello, i'm frisk. frisk the human. i really care a lot about my adopted sibling, the awesome monster kid! i don't like to get violent, but if you hurt any of my friends... *US Frisk's eyes open, revealing them to be RED.* I W I L L D E S T R O Y Y O U . *US Frisk closed their eyes.* but i'm sure we won't have to worry about that! your turn to speak, dave... and dave.

Dave: Oh, hello! I'm Dave, a Sapphire!
(Other) Dave: And I'm Dave! I'm also a Sapphire!
Dave: I'm part of the trio!
(Other) Dave: But I'm not. I prefer to stay within my universe, the world of Steven Universe! My best friends are my Boulder, Peridot, Pumpkin, and L-Lapis... *Dave blushes.*
Dave, US Frisk, and David: Oh, Dave l-
US Frisk: we never were going to imply romance~.
(Other) Dave: Oh.

David: Anyways, feel fear to talk to any of us!
(Other) Dave: And if you wanna say hi to Lapis, this is her username: Lapis-0-Lazuli! She doesn't mind making new friends! Just... don't mention Jasper, ok?
*An awkward silence.*
US! Frisk: anyways... see ya!
David: Later, alligator!
Dave and (Other) Dave: Bye!


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